12 Quick And Easy Short Straight Hairstyles That You Can Try

1. Side-swept, wavy blonde

To highlight her dark roots and prevent a triangular effect as her hair becomes thicker around her jawline, she slicks her hair down on one side in the front.

2. Curved in Blunt Bob

Curve your hair ends using a round brush, mousse, and a blow dryer to prevent a triangular effect. Do the same with blunt bangs.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

This polished hairdo grows out quickly, so contact your hairdresser every 5 weeks to maintain it in shape. Consider your skin tone while choosing a bright new color from your stylist.

4. Long Blonde Bob

Julianne Hough had a sleek, angular long bob with side-swept bangs. The side-swept fringe romanticized her aggressive hairdo and softened her features by elongating a rounder face.

5. Pixie Cut

 This elegant, clean, and feminine combed, simple, and easy-to-recreate bob is perfect for growing out a pixie cut.

6. Short Pixie

She glows boyishly with her poker-straight haircut, side-swept parting, and delicate layering. Use a straightening iron and anti-frizz hairspray to maintain this style.

7. Long And Side Sweeping

With a low side-parting and cheekbones, Anne's flirtatious style is trendy. Former Princess Diaries actor Anne Hathaway looks great in this outfit.

8. Sweeping Bangs

Sami Gayle has shorter bangs and sides like Anne Hathaway. Her bangs highlight her gorgeous face, which we love. The actress looks adorable in her easy-to-maintain pixie haircut.

9. Round Bob

Her below-the-chin hair and sweeping bangs suit her round face. We also admire her golden blonde hair. Regular trims and touch-ups with your stylist maintain the style and color.

10. Bob With Blunt Bangs

With her flirtatious, glossy, modern brown haircut, Wanda Badwal looks stunning. To hide an oval face, use a haircut with blunt bangs and a fun hair color.

11. Combed

 This combed pixie on the amazing singer is gorgeous and stylish. Recreate this style using flat iron, texturizing serum, and light hairspray.

12. Blonde And Polished

Beautiful actress illustrates how a blonde pixie cut can alter an appearance. Boyish hair contrasts with her round feminine face and enhances her eyes.

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