Low-Maintenance Bang Styles For Women Over 50

Curtain Bangs Are Universally Flattering

Curtain bangs are a low-maintenance complement to the shag cut style since they don't have to appear flawless. Indeed, an untidy curtain bang may add character to your design.

Putting the circular brush down is better stylistically. Modern curtain bangs should flow rather than bounce.

Modern Spin On Side Bangs

Trust us—there are fresh ways to wear the side bang without going full 2010s twee. Side bangs are a wonderful beginning point for those who don't want hefty bangs yet. 

Side bangs suit all hair lengths, which is wonderful. You may easily pull them back or grow them out if you don't like the appearance.

Blunt Bangs

Although blunt bangs are the least low-maintenance bang style on our list, they are not as intimidating as they may appear.

Thick blunt bangs hang at one length across your forehead without wisps or feathers, creating a simple, even appearance with no movement. 

Their length might be above the eyebrows (micro bangs) or at the brow. They may be adorable and nostalgic or edgy and bold, excellent for changing up your appearance.

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